Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology

Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology was incorporated under the laws of Board of Investments of Sri Lanka in 2001 with the main aim of providing cutting-edge science & technology higher education opportunities to the Sri Lankan student population. The institute at present takes pride in delivering a wide array of education programs ranging from internationally recognized degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in Life Science. We have opened the doors for aspiring students to begin their careers in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, & Microbiology. Students enrolled at SIST campus have the opportunity to earn a highly reputed UK Honours degrees in Sri Lanka at a very low cost. SIST is the collaborative partner of Edinburgh Napier University, UK. This affiliation makes it possible for students in Sri Lanka and South Asia to obtain a globally respected and UGC (University Grants Commission) recognised degrees in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.

The 3-acre campus is conveniently located in the city of Colombo at 5 Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka. We have currently commenced lectures for our 22nd batch of students. Students follow all laboratory work at the four state of the art laboratories that are dedicated to the teachings of Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture, Biochemistry and Microbiology. The students are also exposed to industrial training with leading science and research organizations.

Our past students have successfully gone on to complete their Masters, Doctorates as well as Post-doctoral studies both, in local as well as reputed foreign universities. Our alumni are currently employed as lecturers and researchers in diverse fields of sciences including human health, agricultural, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical as well as pharmaceutical sectors.

"SIST believes in treating each student with individual care and takes pride in capacity building and professional development. "

Our Vision

“To develop the Human Capital of Sri Lanka by providing
state-of-the-art training leading to the knowledge-based economic advancement of the country”

Our Mission

"To create value-added human resources by introducing career oriented, high-end education at a lower fee structure"

Government Recognition

Spectrum was awarded the Vishva Gnana Kendra (VGK), a pilot project under the eSri Lanka initiative of the Government of Sri Lanka funded by the World Bank.Also the local council staff training under the UNDP’s Township Development Initiative.

Edinburgh Napier University is an Internationally recognized University which is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Association of Universities recognized by the University Grants Commission Sri Lanka (UGC).

The University of Mysore is a member of The Association of Commonwealth Universities which is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

In this effort, student volunteer organizations such as Spectrum Students' Society (SSS) function within the campus providing an ideal platform for the students to test their abilities in project management, community service, and their subject related assignments. Hence, we have success stories of many students who participate in global conferences, summits and even those who acquire prestigious scholarships for their Post Graduate programmes as a result of the exposure and extra-curricular activities they perform while studying at SIST.

SIST has now made it possible for professionals and students seeking to enroll in to their short courses to experience the delights of scientific research through our Diploma in Laboratory Technology and Certificate Courses which would lead the way to other advanced courses in molecular biology. All in all, SIST is an institute that caters to quality education and ensures holistic development of an individual molding oneself into an active citizen who would succeed in their chosen career.

Message from Chairman

I extend a warm welcome to you as SIST enters 19 years of its existence in providing world class quality education in Sri Lanka. We take pride in our dynamic and outstanding faculty, infrastructure, and multi-disciplinary academic and research programmes in life sciences with our Collaborative Partner Edinburgh Napier University. SIST prepares the undergraduate students to face the challenges of the real world. As the young scientists and upstanding citizens of this country, we train the students to become team players and skillful leaders and develop their research abilities and innovative skills to face the society with confidence. Your experience at SIST is demanding, but it is highly rewarding. Here you can follow your curiosity to explore new things, to encounter new ideas and opinions and discover your own capabilities. I urge all of you to grab the opportunity, and be part of the SIST family!

Jayanthan Kulasingham
Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology

Message from Director

Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology is known and recognized for the commitment to present pathways in the field of life sciences degrees to students. We provide our students with the means to develop their own voices in classrooms, research labs, arts, community services and sports enabling them to become active and responsible citizens. The role of SIST is not only to provide education but also to motivate the students to be thinkers, learners and dynamic members in the society.

SIST’s strength lies parallelly with the dedicated and hard-working faculty and staff members who make themselves reachable at all times. My gratitude also goes to the parents who have placed their faith in us and enrolled their children. We are very proud of our alumni, many of whom are making significant contributions around the world.

I am confident that our students will cherish their journey with SIST!

Gowri Kulasingham
Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology

Message from Dean of Applied Sciences

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Spectrum to deliver exciting and relevant programmes in microbiology, biotechnology and the biomedical sciences. These disciplines are key to the development of Sri Lanka’s economy and indeed the global economy. At Edinburgh Napier University our degree programmes are informed by our employers and by our research, thereby combining the optimum balance of theory and practices, to equip our graduates for success in today’s competitive global job market.We have a long history of successfully delivering our programmes with educational partners overseas including Hong Kong and Singapore, and look forward to developing our relationship with Spectrum for thebenefit of our students in Sri Lanka.

Gary Hutchison
Dean of Applied Sciences
Edinburgh Napier University


Congratulations to our new collaborative, Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology (SIST). We are delighted to introduce our degree programmes in Sri Lanka with SIST to deliver exciting and relevant programmes in the developing fields of Engineering, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Business Management and Finance. Human resources with these disciplines are key to the development of Sri Lanka’s economy and indeed the global economy. At Lincoln University College our degree programmes are formulated by employer feedback and by our research, thereby combining the optimum balance of theory and practices, to equip our graduates for success in today’s competitive global job market. We have a long history of successfully delivering our programmes with educational partners overseas including New Zealand and Australia, and look forward to further strengthen our relationship with Spectrum for the benefit of our students in Sri Lanka.

Lincoln University College roots from the prestigious Lincoln University in the United States of America. A person who lived these leadership traits was President Abraham Lincoln, the name sake of our university. A useful synonym for leadership is influence. Sound leadership is not so much achieving and maintaining a position, although that happens, but it is more about being an insightful, informed and intelligent influence on people and on life situations. I wish our partners and students the very best.

Dr. Amiya Bhaumik
Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

Senior Scientific Advisors

Prof. Ginige Tennyson Francis de Silva

Former - Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa,Sri Lanka

Prof. Sarath Gunasekara

D.Sc. Engineering Higher Doctorate, Former Chairman of Mechanical Engineering, Ohio University Visiting Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School California

Prof. Shervanthi Homer Vanniasinkam

Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Clinical Sub-Dean, University of Leeds Medical School, Professor of Engineering and Surgery, UCL, UK, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Mr. Bala Mahendran

Former CEO of Basildon County UK

Partners & Collaborators


Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Edinburgh Napier University launched its overseas operation in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology. Edinburgh Napier University has developed a strong reputation overseas over the years, delivering industry- informed programmes in the UK, China, India, Singapore and Hong Kong.

They are the largest UK provider of Higher Education in Hong Kong, where they have been active for over 20 years. Graduate Employability statistics are high – the latest data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (UK 2014) shows that, with 95.4% of ENU graduates in jobs or further study within 6 months after graduating, they equip students for success in an increasingly competitive market. Edinburgh Napier University is one of Scotland’s largest higher education institutions, with a diverse student population of over 17,000 students, both local and international. The university is organized into three faculties: The Business School, The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Creative Industries and The Faculty of Health, Life and Social Science, housed in the Craiglockhart and Merchiston and Sighthill campuses respectively. The motto of the university, “Nisi sapientia frustra ” everything is in vain without knowledge” reflects the goal and high academic standards of the University.

Lincoln University College (LUC)

Lincoln University College (LUC) in Malaysia was established in the year 2002 as Lincoln College and then upgraded to Lincoln University College in the year 2011. The university received a 5 star ranking in the year 2017 by the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia. The university is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and a full member of the International Association of Universities (AIU).

Moreover, LUC is ranked 301+ by The World University Impact Ranking by Times Higher Education in 2019. The current Vice Chancellor Dr. Amiya Bhaumik along with his academic team leads LUC towards a student oriented education pattern with standardized teaching, research and professional training. LUC offer a wide range of undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes with over 10 functional faculties including Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Business and Accounting, Faculty of Hospitality, Faculty of Computer Science and Multimedia, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Science, Arts & Humanities, English Language & General Studies Centre Foundation Studies

University of Mysore, India

The prestigious collaboration of SIST with University of Mysore as the outreach campus in Sri Lanka started in 2007 and the journey continues over a decade now.The University of Mysore is an institution known for its academic excellence and is adept at imparting nothing less than the best education to its students. The University’s motto, which is “Na Hi Gyanena Sadrusham”, means “Nothing compares with knowledge”, highlighting the importance of education.

The University of Mysore, which is a public state university in India was established on 27th July, 1916, during the benevolent reign of the Maharaja of Mysore, His Highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. The genesis of the University of Mysore stems from a five year long in-depth reading and analysis on higher education across the globe. The mission of the University of Mysore aims at ‘promoting teaching and research in conventional and traditional domains of Arts, Humanities, Pure and Applied Sciences and Professional disciplines

Today the University has 42 Postgraduate Departments at the Main Campus, Manasagangotri, 2 Postgraduate Centres, viz., Tubinakere, Mandya, Hemagangotri, Hassan with 5 Postgraduate Departments each and one Satellite Centre at Chamarajanagar with 3 Postgraduate Departments. It is providing higher education to about 850,000 students, of which over 10,000 are Postgraduates. As many as 1400 students are from 50 countries pursuing higher studies in this University. Some of these countries are China, Iran, Jordan, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Kajkhastan, Kirghizia, Mongolia, Uganda, Yemen, Kenya, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The university encompasses 122 affiliated colleges and five constituent colleges. It is also the parent University of University of Bangalore, India. University has two outreach campus; one in Sri Lanka ‘Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology’ and the other in China ‘University of Beijing’

Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand

Spectrum Institute recently joint ventures with Ara Institute of Canterbury, New Zealand. This collaboration brings benefit to the students by offering a Bachelor of Applied Management programme that can be completed in 3 years. The first year of academics is completed in Sri Lanka, qualifying the students with a Diploma in Applied Business Management offered by SIST. With this qualification the students are granted entry to Ara New Zealand to complete the 2nd and 3rd years of the programme.

Located in the Southern Island of New Zealand, Canterbury is the largest area in New Zealand accessorized with beautiful landscapes and friendly neighborhood. From one island to another, this partnership opens new doors for students awaiting migration to New Zealand.


Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology has successfully established multi-sectoral collaborations with international and national stakeholders in leading research institutes aimed at production of knowledgeable, skilled and trained youth for establishment of an integrated community. Students at SIST are exposed to the practical industrial and research setting that better equip them in the future. Final year research projects are facilitated at prestigious research institutes including; Industrial Technology Institute and Human Genetics Unit of the University of Colombo. International Collaborations with institutes including Biozone Chennai, St. John’s Research institute Bangalore, Accelerated development Karolinska Institute Sweden, Futures Department Plymouth University UK, Wageningen University & Research Netherlands (under discussion), Minisv in Nanjing China, INNOK Finland Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training provider and University of North Dakota USA have created excellent ground for internship and training programs as well as collaborative research programmes

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

Wageningen University & Research is a collaboration between Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation. The mission of this institute is to ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. They work in over 100 countries around the world in the food and environmental sector. Wageningen UR works on its core strength of collaboration between specialized research institutes and the university.

They also believe in interdisciplinary collaborative efforts between natural and social sciences which brings together experts in the field enabling scientific breakthrough and modern academic content. Wageningen UR works in 3 core areas; Food and Food production, Living environment and Health, lifestyle and livelihood.

A TOR in the lines of setting up a center of excellence with education, capacity building, and policy advice is being finalized at this point in time

Accelerated Development, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Accelerated Drug Development AB, Sweden is based in Karolinska Institute, Sweden and was created to promote further development of the technology, prove clinical value of the technology and consequent implementation D~sense technology in routine clinical practice. The D~sense technology has been developed at the Department of Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology (MTC) at the Karolinska Institute over the last 12 years by a team of scientists and it builds on frontline knowledge and understanding of tumour biology.

This technology will enable clinicians to predict a patient response to a treatment and will allow optimization of a treatment leading to better cure, minimal side effects and maximized cost efficiency. The concept is similar to the test of bacterial antibiotic sensitivity. This technology will also enable personalized treatment for patients which will in turn revolutionize the field of cancer therapy.

D~Sense technology shows very promising results in the controlled laboratory environment of the developer with several scientific papers being published, but its value in routine clinical laboratories remains to be determined through a set of carefully performed research projects and clinical trials in tight connection with oncological clinics. SIST will collaborate on the many levels of these project with the goal of bringing D~Sense technology from bench to bed side thereby translating research into commercial use for the improvement of patients.

Biozone, Chennai

Biozone Research Technologies Private Limited (BRTPL) is a Chennai based bioscience entity encompassing contract research academic and industrial training, publishing services and renewable energy solutions in its business cluster.Biozone is formed on the strong foundation of scientific expertise and technology development that is dedicated to developing and providing integrated research solutions in the area of life science research.

Biozone is a fast-growing bioscience contract research firm with a proven track record of delivering the best solutions to its customers and have penchant for consistently updating their services. Research and development at Biozone has always been application oriented keeping in mind the requirements of the market and the social impact on Humankind in general.

St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore

The St. John's Research Institute (SJRI) is a part of the St John's National Academy of Health Sciences, which is run by the CBCI Society for Medical Education. From its inception, St. John's has set before it an ideal of excellence in academic courses as well as service to society as a result of which it has truly become holistic both in its outlook and in its approach to the problems of community health.

The Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at the Plymouth Business School, UK

The Futures Entrepreneurship Centre at the Plymouth Business School, UK has established close collaborations with Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology. The Department provides a collaborative partnership with SIST where cross-sectoral collaborations with respect to entrepreneurship, research and pedagogy that take place regularly in the Centre at the University.

Minisv in Nanjing China

Mini Silicon Valley Innovation Group is an international innovative company dedicated to the investment and operation of medical and health industries alongside investment and operation of high-tech industries, investment and operation of cultural and education industries as-well as investment on fund management and consultations.

Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of North Dakota USA

Founded in 1905, the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences is the only medical school in North Dakota. They are the pioneers in addiction, aging, cancer, epigenetics, host-pathogen interactions, lipid metabolism, neuroscience, and obesity research. Researchers across departments at the school of medicine and health sciences conduct over $20 million in research annually. The School also offers master and doctoral graduate programs in Clinical & Translational Science and Biomedical Sciences. SIST and the University of North Dakota collaborates facilitating Research programmes and Internships for students of SIST.

INNOK, Finland

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training provider.

Industrial Technology Institute, Colombo

Industrial Technology Institute is the pioneer Scientific Research & Development organization in Sri Lanka. ITI the successor to Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (CISIR) and comes under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Research and is accredited as per ISO 17025:2005 and conforms to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standards.

ITI co-operates with government departments and institutions, universities, technical colleges and other bodies in demand driven research to promote industrial technology development. ITI also undertakes testing, investigation and research, for improving product quality, technical processes and methods used in industry, and for discovering new processes and methods to be used in industry. ITI actively engages in activities connected with technology transfers, the adaptation of technologies and the development of new technologies; conduct research with a view to accelerating industrial technology development; undertakes training of persons in areas related to the experience of the Technology Institute; undertakes or to collaborate in the survey and monitoring of environmental pollution and to recommend remedial measures to mitigate such pollution.

Research and Internships for several final year students of SIST are being facilitated at the Industrial Technology Institute.

Human Genetics Unit and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo

Human Genetics Unit of the Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo is the only centre in Sri Lanka dedicated to providing clinical genetic services including genetic testing and genetic counselling. In addition, HGU conduct both undergraduate, postgraduate, and CME courses in genetics for medical and allied health professionals and programmes aimed at raising genetic awareness among the public.

HGU has an active research programme in reproductive genetics. They play a major role to make genetic services available to the people of Sri Lanka and contribute to policy formation in the field of genetics in Sri Lanka.

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department plays an active role in the undergraduate medical curriculum, with a teaching commitment in the form of lectures, small group activities, problem based learning, interdisciplinary staff seminars and laboratory practical classes. In addition, a MSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is offered for postgraduate students. Research interests of the department include nutrition, molecular biology, cell culture, study of plant-based medicines and enzymology.

Research and Internships for several final year students of SIST are being facilitated at the Human Genetics Unit & the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular biology, University of Colombo.

Helixionn Innovations Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka

Helixionn Innovations Pvt Ltd is driven towards identifying the scientific niche in research and innovations, prioritizing the requirement of bridging the research barrier with the global market in terms of research, innovations and entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka.

Helixionn Innovations provides customized scientific strategies, conceptual designs, pilot scale processes and tools, and industrial scale models and equipment to meet the research and innovation demands of its customers. Helixionn Innovations is driven towards developing scientific Innovation strategies, in silico and functional pilot scale innovation models and carrying out research and development in the areas of biotechnology.

Helixionn Innovations Pvt Ltd, collaborates with SIST to provide research and internship opportunities for SIST students.


International Faculty

Dr Arthur Robinson

Programme Leader – BSc (Hons) Microbiology & Biotechnology programme (Sri Lanka), Module Leader – Research Project (4th Year) & Molecular Genetics (3rd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Sophie Foley

Module Leader – Food Microbiology & Biotechnology (3rd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Donald Morrison

Module Leader – Medical Microbiology (3rd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Nicole Payton

Module Leader – Applications ofMolecular Biology (4th Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Fiona Stainsby

Module Leader – Biotechnology – Industry, and Environment (4th Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Janis MacCallum

Module Leader – Cellular andMolecular Immunology (4th Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Lorna Proudfoot

Module Leader – Immunology (3rd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Aimeric Blaud

Module Leader – Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology (3rd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Nick Wheelhouse

Module Leader – Scientific Communication – Dissertation &Statistics (3rd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Claire Garden

Module Leader – Scientific Inquiry (2nd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

Dr Samantha Campbell Casey

Module Leader – Biochemistry (2nd Year), Edinburgh Napier University.

SIST Faculty

Prof Chandrani Wijeyratane

Lecturer & Supervisor – Research Project (4th Year), Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology (3rd Year), SIST.

  • PhD Agricultural Chemistry, Kyushu University, Japan
  • M. Phil. in Botany, University of Kelaniya
  • B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Botany, University of Ceylon

Dr Pathmasiri Ranasinghe

Lecturer & Supervisor – Research Project (4th Year), Biotechnology –Industry and Environment (4th Year), SIST.

  • PhD Bioactivity and Molecular Biology, University of Colombo

Azra Sartaj

Coordinator – Articulated Programme in Biological Science.
Lecturer – Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, SIST.

  • MSc Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya
  • BSc Genetics, Microbiology and Chemistry, Bangalore University India

Ashen Pieris

Lecturer – Biochemistry & Sports Nutrition, SIST.

  • MSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo
  • BSc Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry, University of Mysore, India

Nadeera Wickramasinghe

Lecturer in Chemistry

  • Ph.D Scholar of Nanochemistry and Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (2015-2020)
  • B.Sc (Hons) special degree in Chemistry, University of Colombo (2009-2014)

Ashrifa Ali

Lecturer – Biotechnology & Molecular Biology, SIST.

  • PhD Candidate Biomedical Sciences, University of North Dakota, USA
  • BSc Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry, University of Mysore, India