Spectrum Student Society

The Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology (SIST), established in the year 2001, is an institute formed with the intention of developing a human capital adorned with the knowledge of life sciences.

SIST believes in providing students with a total education package and gives great importance towards providing extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. With the aim of continuing these student-based activities further, in 2015, The Spectrum Students’ Society was formed under the patronage of the Chairman of SIST, Mr. Jayanthan Kulasingham. The mission of the Organization is to create potential undergraduates and to inculcate the values of unity and fellowship through different avenues of interest that would showcase their talents and personality skills while serving the community.

Thus, the Spectrum Students’ Society comprises of four main avenues namely, Community service, Environmental Service, Performing Arts, Sports, Visual Communication and Digital Media Avenue, Editorial Club and Journal Club

Spectrum Students’ Society is also involved in developing professional skills of students through the quarterly magazine – “The Spectrum” and through the professional development workshops conducted by eminent personalities.

The Spectrum Students’ Society bears social responsibility in mind and thus the avenues of Community service and Environmental Service is operated purely as a volunteer service group while the avenues of Performing Arts and Sports serve in building self confidence in the undergraduates while enhancing their individual skills and talents.

The avenues of Performing Arts, which organizes the annual concert “Sparque” and Sports serves as a platform for students to display their talents.

Each student of SIST is a member of the Spectrum Students’ Society giving the entire student body the opportunity to interact and socialize through these projects and this inculcates values of social responsibility, team spirit irrespective of any barrier of seniority, race or religion.

The Spectrum Students’ Society believes in change and strongly affirms the fact that there are many issues unaddressed in the society and is proud to say that the current initiatives made by the society would truly advance to create a positive impact on the society.

Top Board Members

President – Adshayan Ganeshamoorthy
General Vice president – Amani Rasmi
Secretary – Sandamini Wanigasooriya
Treasurer – Omanthi Jayasekara

It is with a sense of great delight that I convey this message as the 5th president of the Spectrum Students’ Society for the academic year 2019/2020. Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology has taught me how to survive in this concrete society balancing academics and extra-curricular activities. It has taught me that the leadership qualities a president should possess, in terms of leadership, it to be an exemplary in leadership. My utmost duty as the president is to lead those around me and inspire them towards a common goal. Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology has taught me how to be a gentleman with good principles. The lecturers have been of great support and moulded me to the person who I am today. Spectrum Student’s Society has given me the platform to exhibit my talents. We have six avenues along with Journal Club and Editorial Club where students organise many events throughout the academic year and showcase their talents.

Adshayan Ganeshamoorthy
Students’ Society 2019/2020

Performing Arts Avenue.

The Performing Arts Avenue of Spectrum Students’ Society is a colorful arena where students can showcase their singing, dancing, acting and musical talents and bring about artistic talents to the world. It gives them a platform to give the inner performer a chance to be highlighted and recognized. It is important to balance academics along with extracurricular activities and the Performing Arts Avenue is the perfect place to engage, interact and collect colorful memories to look back upon. The major event organized by the Performing Arts wing is the dance and music extravaganza, “SPARQUE” where the students showcase their musical and dance talent. Performing Arts also organizes cultural projects such as the annual Saraswathie pooja and the Christmas carols session

Vice president Performing Arts – Vindya Senanayake.
Director of Performing Arts – Thisari Chamodya.

Community Services Avenue.

The Community Service Avenue of Spectrum Students’ Society bears a social responsibility in volunteering to provide a service for the community. The mission of the Community Services avenue is to ensure a positive change within the community as a whole. Working on this aspiration that students should improve people’s lives beyond the institute, together with the committee members, all students of the Spectrum Students’ Society join together to contribute their efforts and time to make the days brighter for the forgotten or disadvantaged groups in society.

Projects organized under the community services avenue include annual elders’ home visits, cancer hospital visits, blood donation campaigns, medical forums and nutrition forums for Senior Citizens’ Club and more recently, projects related to enhancing the lives of autistic children.

Vice president Community Service – Senuri Wakista
Director of Community Service – Amaya Karawgoda

Sports Avenue.

The Sports avenue of the Spectrum Students’ Society functions as the official regulator of all the sports related activities and events within the Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology. The objective of the avenue is to attain success through teamwork and unity under the slogan ‘success is learned, success is practiced, success is shared’. The activities of the Sports avenue often extend beyond the campus to arrange collaborations with outside organizations and institutes in organizing sports events, all the while providing a platform for other avenues within SIST for fund raising and promotion of their events. The sports avenue also functions as a vital foundation that creates bonding between the students, promoting the important concepts of unity and cooperation. The sports avenue also introduces the students to a culture of sportsmanship and promotes the maintenance of physical fitness. Annual events held by the Sports avenue include the “’SMASH” Badminton tournament, chess and carrom tournaments, along with the occasional Scrabble or Sudoku tournament.

Vice president of Sports – Omar Ameer
Director of Sports – Mithara Dissanayake

Green Army

The green army of SIST was founded with the the aim of launching mitigation and adaptation programs for climate change and to encourage achievement of sustainable development goals. Our main aims and objectives include educating the young minds on environment conservation and promoting attitude changes towards the environment. In this regard, we initiated the establishment of green army in 20 schools in Jaffna. Further, we have initiated environment conservation projects such as tree planting project, Best out of waste and Bamba goes green. Our students also participated at the COP 15 summit.

Vice president of Green Army – Andrene Joseph
Director of Green Army – Avinash Selvaratnam

Visual Communication and Digital Media Avenue

This is one of the newly appointed avenues under the Spectrum Students’ Society. The main aim of this avenue is to establish the mass media and visual communication facilities throughout the academic year helping all the other avenues i.e. presentations, photography and so on. The Visual Communication and Mass Media is hoping to put up a studio in aid of the annual concert ‘SPARQUE 2020’. The other major events of the Visual Communication and Mass Media avenue are the photographic competition, gaming competition and also initiating a YouTube channel to promote the vocal talents of the students in spectrum.

Editorial Club

The Editorial Club aims at harnessing and polishing the creative skills and intellectual writing abilities of members in the student community, faculty and community. The club publishes articles and photographs submitted by students in ‘The Spectrum’ blog and provides exposure and encouragement to individuals to express their writing skills and creative thoughts. The objectives of the club are to cultivate creative skills and innovative ideas in the form of authentic works.

Chief Editor – Ameendra Amarasinghe
Co-editor – Esther Swamidason

Journal Club

Journal Club is an interactive session initiated by the management and students of Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology, in order to enhance the knowledge of students on different fields of research, stay updated on recent scientific developments, foster student interactions discuss and refine analytical and presentation skills. Lecturers and students gather on a weekly basis to review a research article and review article and discuss the further implications of these particular studies for experimental practice.

Journal Club is highly beneficial to students as it promotes reading and critiquing research topics which are crucial skills for undergraduates, and provides an excellent opportunity to exchange and revamp their knowledge and presentation skills. Staying updated with the latest developments in research and technology and improving skills associated with critical analysis of research articles is the objective of the Journal Club.

President - Dave Fernando
Secretary – Miyuru Mahamuthugala
Treasurer – Hassan Aboothahir