Foundation Program in Science


The Foundation Program in Science has been designed to create a curriculum that bridges secondary and university education and offers a direct pathway to your undergraduate studies just after completion of your Ordinary Level examination. We provide true university experience with the development of a strong academic background to ensure you are ready for the next step in your tertiary education by focused discipline streams, expert lecturers and development of hands on skills on laboratory practices. SIST hand in hand ensures the individual development of students by building interpersonal skills through exposure to various student societies with different avenues. We guarantee this is the best foundation program suited for any international undergraduate course. We accept a large number of foundation studies programs as entry pathways to our undergraduate courses in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University.

Awarding Body and Credit Rating

This program is awarded by the Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology and credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University. The Foundation programme in Science is credit rated at the Level 7 of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

This frame work established to ensure that the quality and integrity of the SCQF is maintained at all times and that the benefits of using the Framework are fully promoted to all stakeholders across Scotland and beyond. (learn more - )

Course Curriculum



Core Biology

Basic Genetics

Heredity and Biodiversity

Basic Microbiology

Advance Genetics

Plant Physiology

Enzymology & Cellular Metabolism

Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Human Physiology

Advance Microbiology



Algebraic Functions

Polynomial equations and Graphs


Exponential and Logarithm functions

Coordinate Geometry


Sequences and series



Representation of Data


Correlation and Regression

The Normal Distribution


Dynamics and Statistic of an object



Structure and properties of matter

Chemical calculation

Chemistry & Industry


Chemistry of s, p & d block elements


Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry

Hydro Carbons

Alkyl Halides

Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

Oxygen containing organic compounds

Nitrogen containing organic compounds

Chemical Kinetics






Physics in emerging scientific world

Mechanical properties of matter

Oscillation & Waves

Gravitational field

Thermal physics

Electrostatics field

Matter & Radiation

Current Electricity




Enrty Requirements

Future Prospects

Entry in to the Microbiology and Biotechnology & BSc. (Hons) Biomedical Science

Student Testimonials

I had an easy and smooth transition from an Ordinary level qualification to the first year of the BSc. Hons Degree program by joining the Foundation Program in Science offered by SIST. It was flexible and easily adaptable since it did not solely depend on your aptitude for studies but encouraged your intellectualness, creativity and gave us the practical glimpse of all what was learned.

Esther Swaminadan