Molecular Biology Workshop in Collaboration with Biozone Research Technologies, India

Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology in collaboration with Biozone Research Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India organized a hands-on workshop on industrial applications of molecular biology and troubleshooting for local undergraduate students. The workshop was held from 15th to 19th February 2017 at the SIST laboratory premises.

Biozone is a bioscience research and academic organization established in 2008 with an aim of bridging the gap between industry and academia. It has now been metamorphosed into a premier contract research organization in Chennai, offering technical and analytical services in bioscience.

The main subject modules include DNA Barcoding, RAPD, Primer Designing, PCR, construction of phylogenetic tree & dendrogram and certain software techniques including BLAST and MEGA. The workshop was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Florida Tilton, CEO BioZone Research Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Dr. Leonard and Mrs.Jijy Rohini. and Dr. Kavitha Siva was instrumental in organizing this workshop.

The students were also given a chance to carry out mini projects to identify the polymorphisms in the genomes of local herbs using RAPD techniques. Students were able to obtain positive results which could be studied for future research work for publication.

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