Best Out of Waste – 2015

Best Out of Waste – 2015

“Best out of Waste” is a project which utilizes the waste materials to be discarded and create useful and creative handicrafts. The items prepared are long lasting and strong. The project is done consecutively for the second time (2015 and 2016).
The event was held in the parking lot of Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology. This was a project initiated by the Sports Wing and was organized in collaboration with the Environmental Avenue, with an aim of raising funds for the Spectrum Students’ Society with the support of all the students of SIST. This was also a platform for our students to portray their artistic and creative skills.

Avenue of Service : Environmental Wing & Sports Wing
Vice President of Avenue : Keerthika Vivekananathan & Mizwer Rameez
Chairperson(s) of the Project : Reemah Fareed & Priyatharshan Viswanath

Date: 11th of March 2016
Time: 09.00a.m


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