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Spectrum Institute believes in nurturing scientific minds and inspiring future scientists. In an effort to make this happen we have on board a scientific and academic team who are involved in the scientific developments of our institute. They work tirelessly towards the development of the students. New opportunities are brought to the student both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Our commitment to all students is continuous guidance from the moment they start their bachelors degree with us to the times they opt for master’s and doctoral studies.

Prof Homer01
Professor Shervanthi Homer Vanniasinkam

“Consultant Vascular Surgeon at the Leeds Vascular Institute of Leeds General Infirmary, Clinical Sub-Dean for Leeds University Medical School – United Kingdom”

Professor Homer-Vanniasinkam holds office in a number of national and international committees and organizations. She is on the Council of the Vascular Society of Great Britain & Ireland and was the founding Chair of its Research Committee in 2009. She currently holds a number of Visiting Professorships and collaborative appointments in this country and abroad.

Her contribution to the students of Spectrum is immense. She heads the faculty of Biological Sciences of SIST. She visits us to lecture the students on various topics from biotechnology to translational medicine. She is instrumental in inspiring our students and bringing forth opportunities for them to excel. Her support and goodwill towards the Institute is immeasurable.

Dr A. M. Mubarak

“Director-CEO of the Industrial Technology Institute (formerly CISIR) :- 2002 – 2012”

Dr Mubarak has a doctoral degree from the University of Cambridge, U.K . He specializes in Chemistry and heads our Chemical Sciences Department.

Over the years Dr Mubarak has held office in various government agencies. He was a board member at Board of National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERD), Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB), Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) and the Post Graduate Institute of Science (PGIS), Peradeniya He is currently the General President-Elect 2013 of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Sciences (SLAAS)

Professor Gingie Tennyson Francis de Silva

“Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa: 1990 – 96”

Professor Francis De Silva comes from a mathematical and engineering background and has worked in both the corporate sector and the academic arena. He was the General Manager, Media Defined (Sri Lanka Branch) of Dallas, Texas USA (IT Company). He was also a UNDP Consultant, Open University. He lectured in the University of Moratuwa and held office as vice chancellor of University of Moratuwa from 1990- 1996

He heads the department of Mathematical Sciences of SIST and works closely with its faculty. He lectures the mathematical students and works towards popularizing mathematics in Sri Lanka. Spectrum is the only institute that offers Mathematical degrees in Sri Lanka.

Jayanthan Kulasingham

“Chairman Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology”

The founder of SIST, Jayanthan Kulasingham is an eminent individual with a passion for developing the human capital of the youth of Sri Lanka. He has had several years of experience in community development and Capacity building.

He is also a former member of the National Olympic Committee and former general secretary and vice president of Sri Lanka Badminton Association. He was the chairman of national selection committee of Sri Lanka Badminton over the last two years.

He is an expert in Logistics and supply chain management trained in 4 different universities around the world and has managed large global companies as their country manager/managing director including a Fortune 500 company and Expeditors International of Washington Inc.

He takes pride in consistently creating passionate young molecular scientists in Sri Lanka. It is chairman’s efforts and collaborations that has made Spectrum the Only Life- science Institute in Sri Lanka to offer degree programs that can be completed here with all Practical and Practical Exams conducted ‘on campus’.

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