Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Aeronautics)


The Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology focus on the broadest areas of engineering that describes the applications of engineering in analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

This programme specifically focuses on aeronautical engineering and the main objective is to prepare young engineers to engage in the field of aeronautics with the practical and theoretical knowledge they gain through the degree course.

This is specialized field of mechanical engineering that focus on the subject areas such as engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics, material mechanics, measurement and instrumentation, manufacturing processes, machine design, mechanical system design, aeronautics, flight mechanics and an industrial project.


4 years Full-Time


January, May & September


Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Aeronautics)

Entry Requirements

Career Prospects

Graduates that pass out after the successful completion of this degree programme are able to engage in different professional fields such as robotics, aerospace engineering, aircraft engineering, noise control engineering, instrumentation and design engineering.


Unique experience on conducting and handling research independently and it is the most preferred entry level qualification by employers in the present competitive field of science and technology. It also gives you the opportunity to get direct entry into postgraduate programmes.


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Semester 01

Modules Credits
Engineering Mathematics 3
Computer Aided Desing CAD 3
Thermodynamics 3
English 1 3
Computer Applications 3
Moral Studies 3
Mechanics 3
Semester 02

Modules Credits
Indroduction to Electronics 3
Computer Programming 3
Engineering Mechanics 3
Leadership Skills and Human Relations 2
Mechanics of Materials 3
Engineering Drawing 3
Semester 03

Modules Credits
Engineering Lab 3
Measurement and Instrumentation 3
Circuit Theory 3
Probability and Statistics 3
Computer Aided Desing CAD 3
Public Speaking 3
Introduction to Aircraft Engineering 2
Semester 04

Modules Credits
Engineering Mathematics 2 3
Control System 3
Electronics 3
Digital Electronics 3
Community Service 2
English 2 3
Engineering Materials and Manufacture 3
Semester 05

Modules Credits
Engineering Lab 2 3
Machine Design 3
Machenics of Machine 1 3
Aerodynamics 3
Thermodynamics & Heat and Tranfer 3
Finite Element Analaysis 3
Aircraft Structural Mechanics 3
Semester 06

Modules Credits
Helicopter Dynamics 3
Aircraft System 3
Enterpreneurship Develpment 3
Project Management 3
Quality Managment 3
Renewable Energy Processes 3
Human Factors in Design 3
Semester 07

Modules Credits
Electrical Machine 3
Aircraft Design 3
Flight Mechanics 3
Machanical System Design 3
Industrial Training 6
Mechanics of Machines 2 3
Engineering Design Optimization 3
Semester 08

Modules Credits
Final Year Project 1 4
Aircraft Propulsion 3
Engineering Lab 3 3
Final Year Project 2 4
Engineering Lab 4 3