4 On Campus Laboratories


Students enrolled in the science courses at Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology would find well equipped labs on campus. All practical sessions assigned by the University would be carried out in these labs.

Our Molecular Biology Labs are equipped with modern instruments like the Gel Electrophoresis, PCR Polymerase Chain Reactors (PCR) and Magnetic Stirrers etc. that are required to do molecular experimentation like DNA Extractions and amplifications and analysis.

We conduct all microbial work in a Biosaftey Level 1 laboratory (BSL). The organisms we work with at this point of time are present minimal potential hazard to laboratory personnel and the environment. Well designed workspace with sterilization and incubation facilities. Students are able to obtain a variety of hands on experience; growing Bacteria and Fungi, Isolating, preserving and diluting, measuring and preserving them.

Our Biochemistry / Chemistry Labs are equipped to handle chemical and biochemical experiments. It has a comprehensive collection of chemicals and reagents and the students are taught how to use analyse and also dispose them.

Tissue Culture Lab – is a well equipped lab with a Laminar Airflow system to provide aseptic environment to carry out plant tissue culture experiments. This lab would be widely used to learn botanical and plant biotechnological experimentation.

Computer Lab


Wi-fi Enabled Computer Lab is equipped with android computers for students use. Wide variety of e-books are available to inculcate healthy reading habit in students. Moreover, University of Mysore students are able to access MySIST, which is an in-built Educational Support System on Spectrum Website. Edinburgh Napier Students are able to access Virtual Learning System & Online Library of Edinburgh Napier University, UK.



A wide collection of subject related books apt for the curriculum of University of Mysore are available in our Library. These books would be lent to students for a period of three days at a time. The subject areas of the books from English and Indian authors include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Human physiology
  • Medical biotechnology
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Seed technology
  • Genetics
  • Genetic engineering
  • Environment
  • Environment Biotechnology
  • Biology, Molecular Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Chemistry
  • Information Technology