Certificate in Microbial Technique

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This preliminary program is aimed at learning the basic of microbial techniques which includes aseptic methods, culture methods, microscopy, isolation techniques and many more.Microbiology is a vast subject which overlaps with other life sciences such as genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology and even engineering. Microbiologists can be found at work in many different places, but they are normally based in a laboratory.

As there are many different types of microbes there are many different types of microbiologists: bacteriologists, mycologists (who study fungi) and virologists – all working within even smaller areas of specialization; the variations are endless!

Secondary school students would find this course fascinating as it would bring alive their lessons in microbiology and it is a good platform for them to test if they want to make microbiology their future career.

  • Classes on: Saturdays
  • Eligibility: Professionals, Undergraduates & Advanced Level Students
  • Duration: 10 Classes
  • No Registration fee required

Course fee: Rs 10,000

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