BSc Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry

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BSc Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology – University of Mysore, India

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Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science, which encompasses the study of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and engineering related to Biological systems. It is a fast growing field that finds application in every aspect of industrial and daily life from chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries to agriculture. The science of Biotechnology is used to alter genetic information in animals and plants to improve them in some way that benefits people.

Overview of Programme

The course provides a strong theoretical and practical foundation to enable the upward mobility of the students through Master’s and Doctoral studies and research either in the same subject (Biotechnology) or allied inter-disciplinary subjects like Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Biochemistry etc.

Career Prospects

Owing to the impact of Microbiology and Biotechnology on all aspects of life, this degree offers you the possibility to work in a broad range of manufacturing industries including food and drink, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and agricultural. It will qualify you to work in industrial research and development, production, quality control, sales/marketing and consultancy. Many biological scientists work in research and development. Biological scientists who work in applied research or product development use knowledge provided by basic research to develop new drugs, treatments, and medi­cal diagnostic tests; increase crop yields; and protect and clean up the environment by developing new Biofuels.

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