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BSc (Hons) Microbiology & Biotechnology

This programme aims to provide you with knowledge and skills in food, environmental and medical microbiology and biotechnology, in addition to a broad understanding of the biological sciences. By studying on this programme, you will develop scientific knowledge together with the practical and employability skills that you need for employment in a wide range of occupations, including those requiring specialist knowledge in Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Overview of Programme

The Microbiology and Biotechnology programme focuses on microbes and their amazing ability to adapt to virtually every ecological niche. Through specialist modules in healthcare, food and environmental biotechnology, you will explore how we exploit the diversity of microorganisms in the production of drugs and food, and the decontamination of polluted environments. You will learn, for example, of the responses of the human immune system to invading bacteria and the exploitation of this knowledge by pharmaceutical industries in the development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostic kits.

Career Prospects

Owing to the impact of Microbiology and Biotechnology on all aspects of life, this degree offers you the possibility to work in a broad range of manufacturing industries including food and drink, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and agricultural. It will qualify you to work in industrial research and development, production, quality control, sales/marketing and consultancy. It may also provide you with opportunities to work in laboratories in research institutes, government departments, health service and environmental consultancies.

Course Curriculum


Year 1 (SCQF – Articulated Year)
Semester 1
Introduction to Microbiology Level 7 20 Credits
Biomolecules & Cell Biology Level 7 20 Credits
Computer Applications & Statistics Level 7 20 Credits
Introduction to Biochemistry Level 7 20 Credits
Semester 2
Biochemical Techniques Level 7 20 Credits
Research Methods & Bioinformatics Level 7 20 Credits
General Microbiology Level 8 20 Credits
Enzymology, Cellular Metabolism & Genetics Level 8 20 Credits
Year 2 (ENU)
Semester 1
Man and Microbes Level 8 20 Credits
Microbiology Level 8 20 Credits
Semester 2
Scientific Inquiry Level 8 20 Credits
Biochemistry Level 8 20 Credits
Year 3 (ENU)
Semester 1
Molecular Genetics Level 9 20 Credits
Medical Microbiology Level 9 20 Credits
Scientific Communication – Dissertation & Statistics Level 9 20 Credits
Semester 2
Immunology Level 9 20 Credits
Food Microbiology & Biotechnology Level 9 20 Credits
Environmental Microbiology Level 9 20 Credits
Year 4 (ENU)
Semester 1
Applications of Molecular Biology Level 10 20 Credits
Biotechnology – Industry & Environment Level 10 20 Credits
Cellular & Molecular Immunology Level 10 20 Credits
Semester 2
Scientific Research Project Level 10 60 Credits