Biomedical science, well established as a scientific discipline, is a rapidly-advancing medical subject, constantly striving towards improving human health and creating need for highly skilled scientists.

Overview of Programme

This degree is designed to give you a broad understanding of the scientific investigation of human health and diseases. It covers the key aspects and principles of biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, physiology and toxicology and their application to the causes and management of disease.

More specific knowledge of disease processes comes from the study of laboratory specialities, such as cellular pathology, clinical biochemistry, genetics and medical microbiology. This enables a biomedical scientist to understand the science of the causes, consequences, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Career Prospects

This programme enables you to pursue a career as a professional scientist in the health, veterinary or forensic sector to take a leading role in research and development in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The emphasis on research in this course also equips you with the knowledge and skills required to continue on to postgraduate study.

Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Year 1 (SCQF – Articulated Year)
Semester 1
Introduction to Microbiology Level 7 20 Credits
Biomolecules & Cell Biology Level 7 20 Credits
Computer Applications & Statistics Level 7 20 Credits
Introduction to Biochemistry Level 7 20 Credits
Semester 2
Biochemical Techniques Level 7 20 Credits
Research Methods & Bioinformatics Level 7 20 Credits
General Microbiology Level 8 20 Credits
Enzymology, Cellular Metabolism & Genetics Level 8 20 Credits
Year 2 (ENU)
Semester 1
Man and Microbes Level 8 20 Credits
Microbiology Level 8 20 Credits
Semester 2
Scientific Inquiry Level 8 20 Credits
Biochemistry Level 8 20 Credits
Year 3 (ENU)
Semester 1
Molecular Genetics Level 9 20 Credits
Medical Microbiology Level 9 20 Credits
Scientific Communication – Dissertation & Statistics Level 9 20 Credits
Semester 2
Immunology Level 9 20 Credits
Clinical Biochemistry Level 9 20 Credits
Pharmacology & Pathophysiology Level 9 20 Credits
Year 4 (ENU)
Semester 1
Applications of Molecular Biology Level 10 20 Credits
Cellular & Molecular Pathology Level 10 20 Credits
Cellular & Molecular Immunology Level 10 20 Credits
Semester 2
Scientific Research Project Level 10 60 Credits