BA in English Literature, Journalism, Political Science

This combination offers a unique and exciting programme that sums up intellectually high standards of scope for individual choice and a surrounding where students can creatively respond to the course programme. This programme draws on the resources of several fields to provide;

  1. A basic training in approaches to the study of Politics, Journalism and English Literature
  2. Specialized study in areas of each discipline based on the wide range of optional modules

This programme is designed to equip students with subject area proficiency, so that they may cover complicated issues. Students develop the knowledge that will allow them to position news events in their larger context, to raise more knowledgeable questions, and to assess competing claims made by sources. It also communicates a deeper understanding of journalism and the form it takes, and the focus is on content and on skills. Hence, students will develop, the ability to utilize creativity, critical thinking, professional reading and writing skills.

Students with such a degree could write books, produce independent documentaries and free lance for a vast variety of magazines, newspapers, and broadcast and online news organizations. Students completing this degree are also prepared for careers in politics, public administration, law and other careers requiring knowledge on how political systems function.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Poetry, Short Story and prose
  • Principle of Political Science
  • Principle of Public Administration
  • English (Poetry)
  • Languages 2
  • Indian Constitution


  • Fundamentals of Communication
  • Drama I
  • Political Thinkers
  • English (prose)
  • Indian Constitution
  • Environmental Studies


  • History of Indian Journalism
  • Fiction and Poetry
  • Modern Governments –Part 1
  • Modern Constitutions
  • English (Novel)
  • Languages 2


  • Media Management and Media Law
  • Drama II
  • Modern Governments –Part 2
  • English (Drama)
  • Languages 2
  • Computer Application


  • Reporting
  • Editing
  • Literary Forms and Criticism-I
  • Fiction and Poetry-II
  • Government and Politics in India –Part 1
  • Government and Politics in India –Part 2
  • Local Self Government in India with special reference to Karnataka
  • Human Right India
  • Local self Government in India with special reference to Karnataka
  • Administrative Thinkers
  • Local governments in UK, USA and France


  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Introduction to Electronic Media
  • Literary Forms and Criticism-II
  • Growth of the English Languages and characteristics of Modern English
  • Principles of Public Administration
  • International relations
  • International Organization
  • Public Personnel Administration
  • Financial Administration
  • Administrative power and Administrative responsibility
  • Administration in International Organization