Making sure you STAND OUT

Every undergraduate course at Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology is conducted to help you succeed and provides opportunities to learn which are wide-ranging. We support you to develop the deep academic and research knowledge you need. but also offer innovative programmes which boost your employability.

Scientific skills for life

At Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology, you will learn in dedicated laboratories using industry-grade equipment, giving you the skills to tackle local and global issues. We want you to graduate ahead of the curve, so you can impress on the industry that you know the most recent techniques in your area of science.

Skills and experience that matter

At Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology, we work to secure success for our students beyond the university.

Alongside leading academic theory you’ll find professional know-how and extensive industry connections. Our academics excel in their fields; their research improves the capital development of Sri Lanka and its economy. They are here to teach you and inspire you, as well as connect you to industry and help you build international networks you will value for the rest of your life.

Undergraduate Programmes

Graduation Day October 2014

BSc (Hons)

Microbiology & Biotechnology

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BSc (Hons)

Biomedical Science

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Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the degree UGC (Sri Lanka) recognized?

Yes. UGC Sri Lanka recognizes the Edinburgh Napier University degree programmes.

The University Grants Commission (Sri Lanka) recognizes foreign Universities/Higher Educational Institutes based on international acceptance. Universities/Higher Educational Institutes that are listed in the following International Publications which are authentic sources of information on Universities and Higher Educational Institutes in different countries, are recognized at present;

1. Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
(Published by Association of Commonwealth Universities)
2. International Handbook of Universities
(Published by International Association of Universities)

Here is a link to UGC Sri Lanka

What are the entry requirements for degree programmes?

Students can join with their A/L results (3 Passes) or with O/L results and Foundation Programme to join both BSc (Hons) Microbiology & Biotechnology and BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science degree programmes.

Can I complete the degree in Sri Lanka or do I need to go abroad to complete it?

It is an internal Edinburgh Napier University degree programme. Students can either complete all 4 years in Sri Lanka and graduate here or students can transfer their programmes to UK even from the 2nd year.

Can I get advanced entry if I have other qualifications?

Yes, if you have an internationally accreditated or credit rated certificates, subject to Edinburgh Napier University approval. Typically students with HND (Pearson) are given entry to enter 2nd Year of the programme. (*Subject to the University approval)

Do you have a research component in this programme?

Yes. Students have to complete a 60 Credits research module in the 4th year of the programme. Apart from that, students have to cover a 20 Credits module of Scientific Communication & Dissertation in Year 3, a 20 Credits module of Scientific enquiry in Year 2 and a 20 Credits module of Research Methods in the first year.

Spectrum Premier League 2019

Spectrum Premier League 2019 held on the 16th June 2019.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Programme

A 3 month intense training programme in Innovation & Entrepreneurship


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